Phenomenal mental load. Conflicting relationships between spouses. Disturbing behaviour in children. This is what I notice in many of the families I accompany. Fortunately, nothing is permanent. With support and the right tools, harmony and balance can easily be restored.

Support on 3 levels

Individual coaching

A mother. A father. A child. Sometimes, one or more sessions are enough to unravel a crisis, solve a problem or simply get rid of an overflow of emotions.

Couple coaching

Shattered trust. Poor communication. Needs and limits not defined or respected. Intimacy that is becoming increasingly rare. I help couples to rediscover a healthy and fulfilling love relationship.

Family support

Crises that multiply. Parents who shout too often. Children who don't listen to instructions. I help families to find balance and harmony.


Complementary and effective approaches

Over the years, I have added several strings to my bow as a special educator. I can therefore use different approaches and techniques in my interventions.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

Through NLP, I help my clients, young and old, to change the way they perceive their environment and the situations they experience. I make them aware of the beliefs that hold them back and the programmes that dictate their reactions and emotions. We deprogram them in order to reprogram new ones that will move them forward.

Process Communication Model

The Process Communication Model: what an incredible tool! Since I started using it, it has greatly improved my interventions.

It allows you to understand others better and to communicate with them more easily. Based on 6 personality types, it reveals many things:

  • Its strengths and particular skills;
  • Its mode of perception of the environment;
  • His preferred channel of communication to relate to others;
  • Their psychological needs that influence their energy and motivation;
  • Its weaknesses;
  • Its stressful behaviours and how to prevent them.

When I analyse the personality type of the members of a family, it allows each one to understand the others better and to build even more harmonious relationships.


I use conversational hypnosis to relax my clients and help them reconnect with their personality. It is an excellent complement to other techniques.

Non-violent communication

Based on empathy, compassion, cooperation and respect for others and for oneself, non-violent communication is particularly used in conflict resolution between two people.

I use this communication technique to get my clients, both children and adults, to express their feelings, needs and sentiments in a way that is respectful of all.


Support with multiple benefits

The people I work with benefit in many ways in the short, medium and long term, including

  • Better knowledge of oneself, one's values, needs, limits and aspirations;
  • Improvement of family and couple relationships: return and maintenance of harmony;
  • Balance in the different spheres of his life.

In short, whatever the type of support (individual, couple or family), the interventions I carry out using several complementary approaches and techniques have a direct impact on the head, the body and the heart. To learn more about my services, I invite you to discover them in the Services section or to make an appointment with me directly for a 15-minute discovery call. It is free and without obligation.

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